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How to build your Makeup Artist Network

Last week's post was about Getting work as a Makeup Artist. This week I'll give you some tips on building your network in the industry. First, know who is in your sandbox. Start by doing research. Get to know other makeup artists. If you're focus is fashion, learn about and understand the industry. Seek out fashion photographers and educate yourself on their style so you know them well enough to pick out their image from a wall of photos. Film and TV... you want to know the producers and the genre. Immerse yourself into it and stay abreast of all the latest news whether fashion, film, tv or music.  It will take time and commitment, but the only way to understand is to get right in and start learning. The internet is a fabulous research tool. Use it to your advantage.  Bridal Makeup Artists are not exempt from building a network. Discover who the other wedding vendors are in your area. Set up lunch dates or meetings to introduce yourself. Come prepared with business cards an

Getting work as a Makeup Artist

Last week was the opening post: So you wanna be a makeup artist? This week we focus on:  Getting work as a Makeup Artist Many aspiring artists begin with attending a makeup or trade school. There are hundreds, with more schools opening every month. Some focus on beauty, others on special effects and some encompass everything, even hair styling. Graduates exit with the highest of hopes that they will walk right into a top paying career as a makeup artist.  With all these schools pumping out new artists by the thousands, there are now way more artists than there is work available. When I began my makeup career in 1992, schools were extremely rare. Cosmetology schools were readily available, but the focus on makeup was and still is about 2-4 weeks worth of lessons. And of course, the courses are taught by cosmetologists who focus on hair and makeup for every day looks, not for professional styling. For those that choose to go to a school, keep in mind, you'll spend many hard earned do

So you wanna be a Makeup Artist?

With an increased interest in makeup artists from shows such as Face Off and Blush, I receive emails all the time with questions on how to follow a career as a makeup artist.  To begin with, let's define a professional makeup artist as someone who makes money by solely doing makeup. They do not rely on a "day job" and they are not "weekend warriors". I would refer to those as the hobby makeup artist.  There are many different types of makeup artists. We have the entrepreneur retail side - think Mary Kay, Avon, Motives Cosmetics. These artists primarily focus on selling and not as much on applying makeup. Income is made from the sale of the product to the general public.  Then there are the counter makeup artists who work at the cosmetic counter at stores such as Macy's, Dillard's JC Penney, etc. The focus is also on selling but it may be for just one brand such as Clinique or it may be for all of the brands that are sold at the store. Another r