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50° weather, 21 mph winds and shifting clouds

 It was a chilly day for Florida, gusty winds and moving clouds, but we still had a blast working on the commercial shoot for Nathan's Hot Dogs. Makeup and Hair by Stephanie Mazzeo


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Staying Distant as a Makeup Artist

COVID-19 - It's definitely a different world out there. Once commercial production and private events start back up, it will be a new plan of action. Social distancing is not quite possible as a makeup artist.  The best thing about having 30+ years in this industry is that I've always practiced sanitizing and disinfecting guidelines. Now, both my clients and I will need to be in tune together in order to maximize our safety.  Will I wear a mask? Most definitely. Gloves? Yes, of course.  Disinfecting and sanitizing every product and equipment? Always did and always will.  It is now a matter of being more aware than I used to be. Taking every cautious step along the way to guarantee I stay healthy and those in my makeup chair remain healthy.  So as we welcome this new lifestyle change, I hope everyone, clients, customers, friends and family will continue to support those who put their health at risk to create and perform their jobs in the best way possible.  Stay safe and stay di

Right outta Katy Keene's wardrobe closet

A few year's back, I did a film project which required a young, fresh look for the lead actress. Looking at this clothing rack, it seems like it is right out of the wardrobe department for the CW's Katy Keene TV series. Albeit, not as high end designers but I work withing the given budget. 

Under the Big Top

Circus inspired