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Tattoo cover up and wedding day makeup

*Photography: Bill Vodek *Location: Hammock Dunes Club  

Loving my Cara Cosmetic Eye Shadows

About a month ago, I was at a networking event being held at Studio Cara in Maitland, FL. While I was there, I purchased a few of Cara Cosmetics 's powder blushes and eye shadows. I've been working with the eye shadows and must say I just adore these. They are Hypoallergenic and Non-comedogenic. Available in matte and shimmer formulations. Fragrance Free and Cruelty Free. Use them wet or dry on the eyes as a shadow or a liner.  My favorite colors are Perle Shade, Curacao and Matte Shades, Sevilla and Hong Kong. They a bright and so gorgeous! I always get compliments when I wear them.  Check out all the colors available and let me know what your favorite is!

Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional ( hand-applied ) Makeup

How to choose between airbrush makeup and traditional (hand-applied) makeup... There is a lot of hype about airbrush makeup. Having 20+ years of experience in applying makeup, and working with new and improved cosmetic products and the latest tools, let me provide you with my understanding of both airbrush and traditional makeup applications.  I do offer both airbrush and the traditional method of application and I do not charge more for either option. Why? Well, to begin with airbrushing is just another method or tool for applying makeup. I could use a sponge, a brush, my fingers or an airbrush machine. I don't consider it a special service, but rather a different technique.  With the airbrush method, small particles of the foundation are sprayed through an airbrush gun using air. These small particles are deposited on the skin and the amount of coverage is controlled by the individual applying the makeup. Airbrush offers the ability to apply a sheer layer and build

Girls' Night Out Pre-Party Fun

Girls' Night Out Pre-Party Perfect for a bachlorette party , birthday celebration , prom night or just because . If you've got a Girls' Night Out planned, why not start off with a Pre-Party?  It's super fun and will really get the party started. You and your friends can try out different looks and colors. Bring along your current makeup and we'll discuss what works and what needs to be replaced or discarded. We start off with a makeup lesson where you and your friends will learn how to acheive a fantastic daytime look. You'll get step-by-step instructions on how to transform that look into a night time style worthy of any Diva! The Pre-Party includes one-on-one consultations and assistance with makeup applications. Focus will be spent on color options and application techniques. Each girl will receive complimentary false lashes. The Pre-Party may be held at my makeup studio or at a location convenient to you! Contact me for specific details based on your Pre

Feelin' peachy!

Maybe it's the hint of summer sneaking up just around the bend, maybe it's the upper 90's weather, or maybe it's just all the Florida sunshine, but I'm totally in the mood for peaches, melons and tangerines. I'm not talking fruit. I'm referring to colors. Whatever the reason, I'm relishing in coral lip gloss, muted peach blush and pearlized tangerine eye shadow. I have the urge to swipe a dusty apricot shimmer on my cheekbones. I envision drenching my lips in a juicy high-gloss orange that looks just as sweet as the fruit. Thoughts of blending a deep ginger at the outer corner of my eyes, moving to a soft copper center followed by a gold inner corner.

Your Makeup Services Cost How Much?!

Are you completely in shock by the price quotes you are receiving from makeup artists for your wedding day? It can be extremely confusing, overly bewildering and downright baffling. Let’s be real, it’s just makeup… If you’ve never had to inquire about having your makeup professionally done, you may find these makeup prices to be a bit over the top. By now you are probably thinking this makeup artist has got to be from another planet and you are bound and determined to find someone with lower pricing. Perhaps you are on a super strict wedding budget and you just can’t imagine why any bride would want to drop that much dough on making herself look gorgeous for her wedding. It’s just one day after all…nothing super special, right? If this is you, then stop reading….But, if you are the bride that wants to know why it’s going to cost a pretty penny to be flawlessly perfect, then please, read on…. Let’s begin by diving into the nitty-gritty world of makeup artistry for brides.

June Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of working with Jessica Gray Photography and hair stylist Angela Byrd on this beautiful, local photoshoot. Model Aless has gorgeous skin and she was super easy to work with. I started out with Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer followed by Yaby liquid foundations. I used several shades of Yaby's Powder Blush from the Inner Glow Palette to color and contour Aless' cheeks. Yaby's powder highlight worked perfect for the top of the cheek bones and brow. I applied Becca Beach Tint  in Papaya over the entire lip followed by Kat Von D 's Lip Gloss in a deep red. Inglot Shadows in a selection of neutrals from Taupes to Blacks were used to define Aless' eyes. I used powder brow shadows from Anastasia of Beverly Hills to add drama to her eyebrows.  Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye Liner in black rimmed her eyes and Red Cherry lashes completed the look. Photographer: Jessica Gray Model: Aless M

Self-Tanner Gone Wrong?

Now that Summer is almost here, many of us want to jump start our tans.  Using a self-tanner is a great way to add subtle color to your face and body. But what does one do when a self tanning episode goes awry? Here is a quick way to fix a streaky tan. Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice, be sure it's 100% lemon juice and not a mixture.  Swipe the cotton ball over any overly orange areas. Lemons contain Citric Acid which is a natural lightener. The Citric Acid will also act as an exfoliator and help remove the skin cells and brighten the area. No lemon juice on hand? Use baking soda and a bit of water to create another natural exfoliator. Use gentle, circular motions to slough off skin cells. For a gradual tanning experience, mix your self-tanner with your daily moisturizer (equal parts) blending well before applying. The result will be a more subtle, natural tan.   Always be sure to use sun protection when you are outside. Look for foundations and moisturizers with SPF.  

Makeup, the Beach and You

Wearing a full face of makeup when you are at the beach or pool can look silly.  Opt for sheer, light products that bring out a warm sunny glow but still protect you from the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun.     Before you head out, apply a generous coat of sunscreen allowing at least 30 minutes for the lotion to dry.  While you are out at the beach/pool you can reapply sunscreen by using a Powder SPF.  Try Peter Thomas Roth's Instant Mineral Powder SPF 45.  The light, matte powder gives the complexion a smooth, radiant, youthful look. while blocking out harmful UVA, UVB and infrared rays to help prevent sunburn, skin damage, freckling and discoloration.    When the weather is hot and humid, it's a sure bet that your cream/liquid foundation is going to smear and slide immediately.  If you feel the need for coverage, mix a bit of your foundation with your sunscreen instead.  You may want to consider switching to a Powder Foundation or bronzer and apply just a light dusting. 

Keeping makeup cool in the heat

How many times have you grabbed your chapstick or lipgloss while at the beach, only to open it and find out it has melted into an gooey mess? As a makeup artist familiar with working in extreme heat and sun, I am always looking for ways to keep my makeup products from melting. The Cool-it Caddy ™ is the perfect answer.  The revolutionary Cool-it Caddy ™ "grab and go" clutch bag conveniently travels with you in high temperatures keeping your costly beauty or health care products protected from "heat meltdown".   It's the perfect storage for on location touch-ups and in the Florida heat, I need to keep my cosmetics from melting when working outdoors. The Cool-it Caddy ™ concept came about when founder, Deborah Vinci, was golfing in the summer heat and went to re-apply a lip protective product only to have a large chunk come off onto her lips.   Simply freeze, grab and go. Perfect for on the beach or boat!   No need to place a gel pack or ice pack into the bag. Co

June bride!

Photos courtesy J. Mosley Photography  

Dare to go Bold, Bright & Beautiful!

I'm all for natural, clean beauty looks, but sometimes it's so much fun to venture outside the box.  I find opening a palette of bright eyeshadow colors is reminiscent of a new box of crayons on Christmas morning.  Oh, the colors..........all the pretty colors.  Which one to choose first? Palette: Yaby Cosmetics Quite often, when I'm applying makeup to a client, I'm asked "What colors look best on me?"  There is by no means a written rule as to what colors you can and can't wear.   Photo courtesy Carin Perez Photography My response always begins the same way, "Just try the color, if you like the way it looks, it works.  If you think it's a horrible shade on your skin, then by all means choose something else."  Photo courtesy Carin Perez Photography The best thing about makeup is.............wait for's removable!  No, is.  A simple bit of your facial soap and a was

Makeup Brushes and You!

Having the proper makeup brushes can make a huge difference in your makeup application.  Sometimes the brushes may actually be more important than the makeup you're using.  First step is to buy the best brushes you can.  Good, quality brushes are definitely worth the cost and if cared for properly, they can last years.  Some excellent choices:  Royal & Langnickel Brush   EnKore Makeup   Sigma Makeup   Be sure to keep your brushes clean.  There are many brush cleaners on the market to choose from.  I prefer to use Clean: Brush Shampoo, available in Goats Milk (Lemon or Lavender) and Olive Oil (Lemon, Lavender and Unscented)   Or try "The Masters"® Brush Cleaner and Preserver.  It's available at most art stores.   Another excellent option is Ojon Full Detox™ Detoxifying Shampoo.  It's perfect for both natural and synthetic brushe

Wedding photos, your lasting memory

I can honestly say I don't remember much about my wedding in 1989, but since I have some photos, I am reminded of a few details.  We've certainly advanced in the wedding industry, but as a bride, you can see how crucial it is to surround yourself with the best, quality vendors you can afford.  These photos are all I have to remind me of my wedding so many years ago.  I can only hope you don't cringe like I did when I stumbled upon these old photos.   The date was October 13th, 1989. It was a Friday, yes Friday the 13th and a full moon to boot!  My wedding was doomed from the start.  Needless to say, the marriage didn't last.  But I did find these awesome, albeit silly wedding photos.  Looking back, I can only laugh and perhaps it's because the marriage is long over.  But had these photos still held the same sentimental value as wedding memories should, I would truly cry at my quirky decisions.  Where was a wedding planner when you needed one?    The br