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The Importance of Engagement Photography by DSWfoto

The Importance of Engagement Photography  Engagement photography has had a major resurgence in recent years. No longer are couples going in to a photography studio for a formal portrait session so that they can get that one picture. That one picture that eventually ends up somewhere in the back of the newspaper, between the Ford dealer advertisement and the daily horoscopes.  Couples are starting to have fun with their engagement photo session, trying to think of ways to show off who they really are. Portrait studios have been replaced by beaches, football stadiums, theme parks and abandoned factories. A couple can let their imagination soar as they think of ideas. One couple recently gained a lot of attention by recreating the courtship from the Pixar movie Up! While another couple decided to fantasize what their life would be like together in the 540 square foot home in Ikea.  I’ve always said that engagement sessions make for a great date night. You get to have fun together being ce