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Happy Halloween makeup lovers!

Check out these ultra cool products just perfect for Halloween.
OPI Blasted Black Nail Color (Nail polishes with an effect that appears to blast apart on your nails.)

Make Up For Ever Fluo Night (A transparent, universal powder that is only visible under UV light)

Sephora Glitter Eyeliner (A gel-based eyeliner with serious sparkle.)

Sephora I Love Candy Corn™ Lip Shine

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos (A set of three temporary lip tattoos.)

Wedding photos, your lasting memory...

I can honestly say I don't remember much about my wedding in 1989, but since I have some photos, I am reminded of a few details.  We've certainly advanced in the wedding industry, but as a bride, you can see how crucial it is to surround yourself with the best, quality vendors you can afford.  These photos are all I have to remind me of my wedding so many years ago.  I can only hope you don't cringe like I did when I stumbled upon these old photos.  
The date was October 13th, 1989. It was a Friday, yes Friday the 13th and a full moon to boot!  My wedding was doomed from the start.  Needless to say, the marriage didn't last.  But I did find these awesome, albeit silly wedding photos.  Looking back, I can only laugh and perhaps it's because the marriage is long over.  But had these photos still held the same sentimental value as wedding memories should, I would truly cry at my quirky decisions.  Where was a wedding planner when you needed one?   

The bridesmaids wo…

Cute and nifty Halloween costumes.

Photo credits:
Brian Morey
George Colt
Jennifer Ring

You get what you pay for.....

Lately, there seems to be an abundance of last minute brides calling for makeup services because their original makeup artist cancelled.  Unfortunately, I'm usually already booked but my concern is more for cancellation of the artist.  As I don't know who these MUA's are, I can only assume because of the amount of cancellations, there are many hobby makeup artists out there.   Be very careful when hiring your wedding day vendors.  Ask for references and take the time to follow through and contact each one to get their honest opinion.  Looking at reviews online is only a starting point.  Any reliable makeup artist should be able to provide you with names and contact information from past clients.   Take note of response time to emails and phone calls.  Is the artist responding within a reasonable amount of time?  Are your questions thoroughly answered?  Do you feel comfortable with the artist and his/her abilities.   Price does not always get you the best value for your dol…

Pretty bride Sammie!

Photos courtesy Samantha Marie Photography

Engagement Photos

The Importance of Engagement Photography 
Engagement photography has had a major resurgence in recent years. No longer are couples going in to a photography studio for a formal portrait session so that they can get that one picture. That one picture that eventually ends up somewhere in the back of the newspaper, between the Ford dealer advertisement and the daily horoscopes. 
Couples are starting to have fun with their engagement photo session, trying to think of ways to show off who they really are. Portrait studios have been replaced by beaches, football stadiums, theme parks and abandoned factories. A couple can let their imagination soar as they think of ideas. One couple recently gained a lot of attention by recreating the courtship from the Pixar movie Up! While another couple decided to fantasize what their life would be like together in the 540 square foot home in Ikea. 
I’ve always said that engagement sessions make for a great date night. You get to have fun together being c…

And the bride wore white...I mean black!

Vera Wang is definitely one of the most internationally recognized wedding dress designers hands down.  Her bridal gown designs are exquisite and stunning. To wear one on your wedding day conveys romantic dreams so surreal it's as if one was living a fairy-tale.   Vera Wang has designed a collection of wedding gowns not in your standard white, but in deep, dark and ever so eery black.  New York's Bridal Fashion Week showcased these amazing witchcraft-themed gowns.  True to form, Vera's gowns still included her flawless designs and fine attention to detail.   Is black the new white in wedding gowns?  Black bridal dresses may not be for everyone, but I am truly intrigued by these gowns and the only issue I have would be deciding which one!  

Wedding Day Tips for Flawless Beauty!

If you are getting a facial or need to have your eyebrows shaped, please do so at least 2-3 days prior to your wedding.  This will allow time for any redness or puffiness to diminish.  Your skin is sensitive directly following any waxing or facial and can be negatively affected by your makeup causing moderate to severe skin irritation. 
Keep some drinking straws handy.  Using a drinking straw can help minimize any chance of potential spoiling of your makeup or lip color until your ceremony begins.  
Be sure to eat and remember to brush your teeth prior to your time in the makeup chair.  There's nothing worse than realizing you forgot to brush your teeth after being all glammed up and ready to go.  Use a pillow case to keep your makeup and hair safe while getting dressed.  For gals who aren't able to step into their wedding day attire, place your arms in front of your face with your fingers stretching above your head.  Keep your arms a few inches in front of your with your elbo…

Makeup Brushes and You

Having the proper makeup brushes can make a huge difference in your makeup application.  Sometimes the brushes may actually be more important than the makeup you're using.  First step is to buy the best brushes you can.  Good, quality brushes are definitely worth the cost and if cared for properly, they can last years. 

Some excellent choices: 
Royal & Langnickel Brush
EnKore Makeup
Sigma Makeup
Be sure to keep your brushes clean.  There are many brush cleaners on the market to choose from.  I prefer to use "The Masters"® Brush Cleaner and Preserver.  It's available at most art stores.  Another excellent option is Ojon Full Detox™ Detoxifying Shampoo.  It's perfect for both natural and synthetic brushes. 

After you have cleaned your brushes and rinsed them well, blot dry with paper towels.   Lay the brushes flat to dry with the bristles hanging over the edge of the sink.  I…

Save $25 off a makeup service!!

$25 off any makeup service in my studio
Who wouldn't want to save $25 on a makeup service?  So, how do you get the $25 discount?  Read on...
November 5th 2011 is the Palm Coast Seafood Festival - I will be on hand at the band stage providing makeup services for two fabulous music acts: David Lane and Mark E Walker.  All you need to do is show up for their performances and find me.  I'll be easy to find...I'm the girl with the makeup brushes!  Be sure to stick around and watch them perform.  I'll take your information and you'll receive your $25 discount.  It's that easy.   
Mark your calendars - I'll see ya'll there!!!
Mark E Walker
David Lane
Terms and conditions: *Discount is valid for a $25 savings off any makeup service provided in my Flagler Beach Makeup Studio. Date availability is not guaranteed. Some restrictions may apply. Offer is not redeemable for cash. Coupon may not be combined with any other coupon, discount, offer or on a previous agreement. Se…

Beautiful words from my gorgeous bride Jennifer!!

Jennifer had her makeup trial at 9am and took the time to email me later that day at 5pm.  I am so tickled to know the makeup still looks amazing 8 hours after application.  Isn't this what every bride deserves??

"Thank you so much Stephanie! We had a wonderful time and here it is 5 pm, and my hair and makeup still look brand new!! =D
My fiance got home about 30 minutes ago, and he's still trying to get used to the hair and makeup. He said its very busy and so much more then he's used to... which is true. So hopefully he is more excited when I'm wearing the big white dress looking like this! ;) He is so used to me not wearing any makeup that it is a change, but I LOVE it, and I know he will too, once its the wedding. :) At home, I do look a little out of place, haha! But I couldn't be happier with my hair and makeup and so excited to have it done again for the wedding!! Thanks again, so so much!!! You and Ciara are just fabulous!! :D"

Pretty Southern Belle Jennifer

Gorgeous bride Jennifer came all the way from Georgia for her hair and makeup trial today.  I think she looks fab and she'll be as sweet as honey on her wedding day in St. Augustine!!