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Behind the scenes Film Noir Photoshoot

A few behind the scenes shots from my camera/phone of the Film Noir photo shoot Can't wait to see the images from Jennifer Ring Photography Big hugs to The Humidor Palm Coast for use of their Cigar Bar & Lounge Makeup by Stephanie Mazzeo Thank you to Mark "Tikitender" Woods (entrepreneur) Anthony James  (actor/model/producer) Laura Ledford (model/actress) Jessica Morin (actress/singer/model) Susi (on set assistant)

Understanding wedding day makeup prices...

Are you completely in shock by the price quotes you are receiving from makeup artists for your wedding day? It can be extremely confusing, overly bewildering and downright baffling. Let’s be real, it’s just makeup… If you’ve never had to inquire about having your makeup professionally done, you may find these makeup prices to be a bit over the top. By now you are probably thinking this makeup artist has got to be from another planet and you are bound and determined to find someone with lower pricing. Perhaps you are on a super strict wedding budget and you just can’t imagine why any bride would want to drop that much dough on making herself look gorgeous for her wedding. It’s just one day after all…nothing super special, right? If this is you, then stop reading….But, if you are the bride that wants to know why it’s going to cost a pretty penny to be flawlessly perfect, then please, read on…. Let’s begin by diving into the nitty-gritty world of makeup artistry for brides. When contac

Choosing a makeup case to carry all your stuff!

Choosing a case to carry around your makeup will depend on what sort of work you do. If you are mainly a stay in one place artist, then your best option may be a case you can work directly out of with lots of storage. If you travel, you will need a fly friendly case. If you are a city dweller and walk or take public transportation, choose a case that rolls easily and can be maneuvered around tight spaces.  When I first started on my makeup career, I used one of the metal train cases to carry my makeup kit around. It was bulky and heavy. The wheels never rolled just right and it ended up being cumbersome. Although it was easy to open up and work out of, it was just to big. I switched over to a Zuca Sport case. It took some creativity to pack it using the small pouches. I really like working with the Zuca. The sport model has double rollerblade wheels and rolls smoothly over any type of terrain. This model, however, does not fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane. It ca

A love note...

Stephanie was great! We came from out of town for a wedding in Daytona Beach. Our daughter was a bridesmaid in the wedding of her good friend. she thought the bride had booked someone for hair and makeup for the bridesmaids but found out the night before the wedding that it was just someone doing hair. In a panic we Googled makeup artists in the area. We were impressed with Stephanie!s website and emailed her at 11:45 pm Friday night. We got a response in minutes and quickly set up our appointment for Saturday morning. Stephanie was professional, punctual and extremely helpful. My daughter was stressed about looking good and Stephanie listened to what she wanted and made her look beautiful! my daughter loved the way she looked for the wedding! I would definitely recommend Stephanie to anyone! ~Mary Ann

Keeping makeup cool in the heat

How many times have you grabbed your chapstick or lipgloss while at the beach, only to open it and find out it has melted into an gooey mess?  As a makeup artist familiar with working in extreme heat and sun, I am always looking for ways to keep my makeup products from melting. The Cool-it Caddy ™ is the perfect answer.  The revolutionary Cool-it Caddy ™ "grab and go" clutch bag conveniently travels with you in high temperatures keeping your costly beauty or health care products protected from "heat meltdown".   It's the perfect storage for on location touch-ups and in this summer heat, I need to keep my cosmetics from melting when working outdoors. The Cool-it Caddy ™ concept came about when founder, Deborah Vinci, was golfing in the summer heat and went to re-apply a lip protective product only to have a large chunk come off onto her lips.   Simply freeze, grab and go. Perfect for on the beach or boat!   No need to place a gel pack or ice pack into the bag. C