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How To Cover A Tattoo For A Wedding or Event

Covering tattoos effectively for weddings can be time consuming.  It takes a lot of products, several hours and a ton of patience.  The first step is understanding that although  I will do my best to camouflage the tattoo, it will never look like you didn't get tattooed.  It will be undetectable in photos and, to those not looking for it, the tattoo will be unnoticeable in person with a professional cover application.   Using proper, quality products is a necessary step in wedding day tattoo cover, as is having reasonable expectations.  It's not a quick or easy process and, brides wanting to cover their tattoo(s) should realize they will need to pay appropriately for quality tattoo cover services for their wedding day.   before As I briefly mentioned, tattoo cover is a lengthy, precise project.  I begin by correcting areas of the tattoo using lighter and complimentary colors. Once the colors have been muted, I lightly apply a special foundation product.  It may tak