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Questions to ask your wedding day make-up artist.

Congratulations, you're engaged!!   Now that you have the bling, it's time to start planning your wedding.  Colors, gowns, food, music....I am sure you are thinking of all sorts of things for your ever-so-perfect day and your makeup is no exception.  But, before you head out and start panicking with sticker shock, let's go over a few important points so you aren't caught like a deer in headlights.    Is it really worth it?   Before you start to rule out hiring a professional makeup artist, consider the other vendors you'll be using that day.  Would you hand over a point and shoot camera to your favorite cousin and hope for the best?  This is the only chance to get your wedding day photos. There is no do-over and it's not a dress rehearsal, so be sure everything is lined up for you to be flawless and fabulous.  You are going to be the focus of the majority of wedding day photos and I would imagine you are going to want to put your face in the hands of a professio

St Cloud Wedding

all photos copyright Steven Miller Photography Makeup for the bride, bridal party, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom and for the groom as well!

Tattoo Makeup Cover for the DIY ( Do it yourself ) Type

Although I offer tattoo cover , it is pricey and that can be a huge turn-off to brides trying to keep down their wedding costs. The products I use are a professional grade cosmetic, designed to withstand sweat, heat, water, rain, tears and anything else that could dampen the best laid coverage.  I highly recommend hiring a professional, but if you can't or don't want to hire a professional makeup artist to cover your tattoo, I will give you the low-down on some of the different tattoo makeup available. Keep in mind that these are far inferior to the products I use but are designed for the consumer who wants to save a buck or two.    The location of the tattoo has a lot to do with how well the coverage stays put. Tattoos on the arms or legs; areas that are the least likely to sweat, will have better results than tattoos on the back or chest areas. But tattoos that are on the underside of the arm or areas that rub against the body, may result in makeup transferring ont

The Highs and Lows of a Wedding Budget

The "dirty" word: If you have ever planned a wedding or have been around someone planning a wedding, there is one single word that makes even the most level-headed bride cringe. Budget. There, I said it. Cut and dry. Now that it's out in the open, let's discuss exactly why that word brings out the inner bridezilla. To start off with, ask any number of brides what their budget is, and I guarantee you will get just as many answers. Budgets can range from under $2,000 on up and past $200,000. It doesn't mean that any amount is better than another. Every wedding has a budget because every couple draws the dollar line somewhere. A budget just defines what you have to spend. Period . Nothing more, nothing less. A bigger budget doesn't make any one bride better than another, nor any wedding less important. So in short, every bride is a budget bride no matter the dollar amount. When you think of it that way, it can wrangle in the green-eye

Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become increasingly more common. With a touch of added romance, zesty adventure and of course the sultry GETAWAY, a destination wedding can be just that little special touch you're looking for. Planning and organizing a wedding in another city, state or country can be overwhelming and downright nerve-wracking. Trusting wedding professionals is scary enough, but depending on those not within reach can be quite intimidating.  As quoted from in their Destination Wedding Basics: Top 13 Destination Wedding Tips, the Knot highly suggests  to "Bring pros you trust from home to handle critical aspects such as the wedding photography, hair and makeup, and design (lighting, flowers)." There are so many things that can go wrong; no-show vendors, inferior skills, misunderstandings due to a language barrier, makeup artists not familiar with your skin type, strange and unregulated cosmetic products, and of course, fear of the unknown

Planning Your Wedding

I am sure you realize your wedding isn't a dress rehearsal and there is no do-over, but take it from someone who has seen her fair share of weddings, there are just some things you want to be sure you've got down pat because you won't have a second chance to get it right. Consider your wedding to be comparable to the workings of a feature film. You've got the Leading Lady role and your groom is up for Best Supporting Actor. Your Cast of Characters encompasses your bridal party and immediate family members and don't forget the Background Actors, your guests. To create a blockbuster hit, you'll need a Full Crew; including but not limited to: Director and Assistant Director (wedding planner, banquet manager, officiant) Technical Crew (photographer, videographer) Production Support (accommodations, food) Location Selection (venue, church) Soundtrack (music selection, DJ, band) Hair and Makeup Team Special Effects (lighting, decor, details) Props