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On location in Tujunga, CA

I had such a great time today on the set of Tujunga Horror Story with Producer Armand Petri and the rest of the cast and crew; Andrea Garces, Matthew Brown, Alison Stolpa, Raquael Torres, Art Arutyunyan, Mari-Liis Userdnov, Cameron Mitchell Alison Stolpa   Andrea Garces Matthew Brown

Makeup Counters and your Wedding Day

The other day, I discussed options for the Do It Yourself "DIY" Bride and how to best handle wedding day makeup.  Today I will offer some advice on what to expect should you decide to use the makeup counter at the mall for your wedding day look.  First and foremost, the makeup counter is a retail environment.  Their main purpose is to sell cosmetics and make a profit.  Most counter representatives work off of commission.  The more you buy, the more they sell, the larger their cut.  Many brands offer complimentary makeup applications provided you purchase a minimum dollar amount of the products used.  There are several reasons for this with the primary reason being State Statutes.  (Please refer to your individual State for specifics)  State law allows the application of makeup by anyone as long as the only money received is for the cosmetic products themselves.   I am a State licensed esthetician, however, it is not required to have a license to apply makeup to the g

On location...

On location last week with Pro Golfer, Gary Player at the Humana Challenge in La Quinta, CA

Makeup For Working Professionals

New Year's Day Bride Deborah