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Booking your makeup artist

I can't stress enough how important it is to book your makeup artist well in advance. I'm talking at least 6 months or more. I've had to turn away many disappointed brides who waited until only a few weeks or even a month before their big day. I do not have a "team" of artists, so I can only book a minimum number of clients in any given month. One thing to keep in mind is that since I am not a "team" of artists, you can rest assured knowing that the makeup work you see on my website is me and only me. I can imagine it might be confusing to look at a website wondering what artist did which makeup. But on my site, it's me, just me. Saturdays and Sundays are usually always booked well in advance, but I've recently noticed a trend toward Friday weddings. So, no matter what day your special event falls on, I would be sure to plan well ahead to be able to book the artist you want. I also seem to receive a lot of calls from br

Saturday at IMATS L.A.

One word sums up the day...INSANE!  The line entering was around the block, thank goodness I was able to check in last night and walked right on past those waiting.  I looked at a lot of products today but only settled on a few items.  I picked up a couple of brushes, a few small fan brushes, some angled liners and some fine liners.  I also decided to shell out $50 for 5 Beauty Blenders.  It was such a great bargain, I couldn't resist. I did check out a few of the seminars. My favorites were Steve Johnson and Bill Corso and of course Ve Neill. I was excited to see many of my makeup friends and even chatted with the artists from SyFy's Face Off Series. All in all it was a good time!  Did someone say Las Vegas??

Makeup products from my wish list

At IMATS (International Make-up Artist Trade Show) , I had the opportunity to attend the Pro-Card Event last night. I picked up a few items that have been on my wish list.    My first stop was at Senna Cosmetics . I purchased the Contouring Palette , complete with an adorable faux snakeskin case, these neutral colors look amazing on almost every skin tone; Crystal White, Buttercream, Nudist, Espresso, Lace, Mushroom and Mirage .  As well as contouring, these eye shadows are perfect for creating a classic, natural beauty look....I can't wait to use them!    I picked up 3 much needed Aqua Lip liners from the  MUFE (Make Up For Ever) booth.  Matte Raspberry, Rosewood and Pink .  Very long lasting and water-resistant, the liners stay put for hours even in extreme conditions.    I couldn't leave without nabbing Nurturing Force's Airbrush Cleaner . This stuff will clean anything out of your airbrush gun whether alcohol, silicone, water-based even latex paint.   NF's Blot Out

Makeup, the Beach and You...

Wearing a full face of makeup when you are at the beach or pool can look silly.  Opt for sheer, light products that bring out a warm sunny glow but still protect you from the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun.     Before you head out, apply a generous coat of sunscreen allowing at least 30 minutes for the lotion to dry.  While you are out at the beach/pool you can reapply sunscreen by using a Powder SPF.  Try Peter Thomas Roth's Instant Mineral Powder SPF 45.  The light, matte powder gives the complexion a smooth, radiant, youthful look. while blocking out harmful UVA, UVB and infrared rays to help prevent sunburn, skin damage, freckling and discoloration.    When the weather is hot and humid, it's a sure bet that your cream/liquid foundation is going to smear and slide immediately.  If you feel the need for coverage, mix a bit of your foundation with your sunscreen instead.  You may want to consider switching to a Powder Foundation or bronzer and apply just

Bride Kendra and Bridesmaid Erica

Photos by Jennifer Ring Photography Makeup by Stephanie M. Hair by Ciara C.

Summer Beauty Must-Have

Now that Summer is here and hot weather is setting in, (plus living in Florida), I tend to minimize my daily makeup application to something quick, light and oh so airy-feeling.  My absolute must-have Summertime product is a Lip & Cheek Stain.   Available in a multitude of colors, lip/cheek stains can be found in numerous cosmetic brands.  Some of my favorites:    Sephora's Lush Flush in Pinot , a ripe cherry color. It's fabulous gel-based formula is easy to apply and blend allowing buildable coverage to achieve a deeper level of intensity.  The stain mimics a flushed look on both lips and cheeks and really gives an all over glow to my face.  Sephora's Lush Flush comes in a tube complete with an applicator wand.  It's the perfect size to toss in a purse and fits easily into your pocket.   BECCA's Beach Tint is a beautifully blendable crème stain for cheeks and lips that suit all skin types.  Kiss-proof and water-resistant, it d

HD Makeup, what's the story?

So many cosmetic brands are introducing HD makeup to their lines.  Creating a flawless finish whether for film or face-to-face is not going to be achieved by purchasing a bottle of foundation labeled HD.  Relate it to the idea of putting a chimp in a Chanel suit and expecting her to walk the red carpet like Nicole Kidman.  Really?  If you believe that, let me tell you about this ocean front property I have for sale in Nevada.... An experienced makeup artist will be able to create HD perfect skin with quality products IF their blending skills are developed.  Blending and color matching is going to separate the quality makeup artists from the hobbyists.  You can't buy flawless skin in a bottle.  It all comes down to technique, whether the technique is by fingers, brush, sponge or airbrush. If a makeup artist is unable to blend and create flawless skin using "old school" methods, there is no way he/she will be any better with something labeled HD or a

Are you having a Destination Wedding?

Destination weddings have become increasingly more common. With a touch of added romance, zesty adventure and of course the sultry GETAWAY, a destination wedding can be just that little special touch you're looking for.  Planning and organizing a wedding in another city, state or country can be overwhelming and downright nerve-wracking. Trusting wedding professionals is scary enough, but depending on those not within reach can be quite intimidating.  There are so many things that can go wrong; no-show photographers, inferior products, overbooked rooms, makeup artist's not familiar with your skin type…..  When planning your destination wedding, why not consider bringing a team of vendors with you?  You will be able to easily hash out all the specifics and details in advance.  Your stress level will be minimized knowing you’ve had the opportunity to work with them in detail making sure your wishes and ideas are well planned. No need to leave it all up to chance,

Traditional Makeup vs. Airbrush Makeup

How to choose between airbrush makeup and traditional (hand-applied) makeup... There is a lot of hype about airbrush makeup. Having 20+ years of experience in applying makeup, and working with new and improved cosmetic products and the latest tools, let me provide you with my understanding of both airbrush and traditional makeup applications.  I do offer both airbrush and the traditional method of application and I do not charge more for either option. Why? Well, to begin with airbrushing is just another method or tool for applying makeup. I could use a sponge, a brush, my fingers or an airbrush machine. I don't consider it a special service, but rather a different technique.  With the airbrush method, small particles of the foundation are sprayed through an airbrush gun using air. These small particles are deposited on the skin and the amount of coverage is controlled by the individual applying the makeup. Airbrush offers the ability to apply a sheer layer and build

Yaby Cosmetics

Well, I'm back from the Makeup Show in Chicago. What an amazing event! I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Liz, creator of Yaby Cosmetics. Makeup products designed by a makeup artist for makeup artists. Designed for film and photography, the highly pigmented Yaby cosmetics are made for easy travel and perfect for on location.   As a solution for make artists in all sectors of the industry, Yaby carries palettes that provide convenience and are highly customizable. Each palette features a built in stainless steel mixing palette, magnetic base, shock absorbing foam inserts with easy to clean surface, as well as the highly in demand freestyle palette.  With a wide range of colors, Yaby eliminates the need for numerous, bulky packaging. It's the perfect way for an artist to condense his/her makeup kit.   The eye shadow palette holds 40 highly pigmented shadows that can be applied sheer yet allow for buildable coverage. You can purchase pre-sele

Amazing shots by Jennifer Ring Photography

Model: Daniela Makeup: Stephanie Hair: Ciara

The Makeup Show - Chicago

This weekend I will be in Chicago for the Makeup Show. If you are a makeup artist, this show is a MUST! You can find more information at . If you are attending the show, stop by the Yaby Cosmetics  booth and say hi! I'll be working along with Liz, Bri and Ginger. If you haven't tried Yaby Cosmetics, you absolutely have to check out their products. I love the powder foundation and the eye shadows are amazing. So pigmented, a little goes a long way. I adore the palettes and can't live without the lip colors! I used Yaby products on this photoshoot with Sierra (photos courtesy: Jennifer Ring Photography)

Wedding Day tips for flawless beauty!!

Keep some drinking straws handy. Using a drinking straw can help minimize any chance of potential spoiling of your makeup or lip color until your ceremony begins. Be sure to eat and remember to brush your teeth prior to your time in the makeup chair. There's nothing worse than realizing you forgot to brush your teeth after being all glammed up and ready to go. Use a pillow case to keep your makeup and hair safe while getting dressed. For gals who aren't able to step into their wedding day attire, place your arms in front of your face with your fingers stretching above your head. Keep your arms a few inches in front of your face and your hands a few inches above your head. Have your friends drop a large pillow case over both your arms and head. Once the pillow case is situated and protecting your face and hair, your friends can begin to slide your wedding day dress over your head. By using your arms and hands to hold the pillow case away from your fa

Avoid makeup meltdown....

As a makeup artist familiar with working in extreme heat and sun, I am always looking for ways to keep my makeup products from melting. The Cool-it Caddy ™ is the perfect answer.   Revolutionary Cool-it Caddy ™ "grab and go" clutch bag conveniently travels with you in high temperatures keeping your costly beauty or health care products protected from "heat meltdown".   The Cool-it Caddy ™ concept came about when founder, Deborah Vinci, was golfing in the summer heat and went to re-apply a lip protective product only to have a large chunk come off onto her lips.   Simply freeze, grab and go. Perfect for on the beach or boat!   No need to place a gel pack or ice pack into the bag. Cool-it Caddy ™ has the coolant built into the design so the whole bag goes into your freezer.    What could be easier? Your items stay cool when the temperature rises.   Surface washable.    Small enough to fit into purses, golf bags, back packs, tennis bags, etc.  Protect your expensive c

Makeup for the (DIY) Do It Yourself Bride

Common challenges of applying your own bridal makeup:  There's nothing wrong with doing it yourself, if you're well-informed and excellent at applying your own makeup. But one common phrase among brides is "I don't normally wear makeup".   For those brides who are not use to wearing makeup, attempting to do it yourself on your wedding day may provide a less than favorable result. Applying makeup on your own may not be as easy as it seems. Even as a professional makeup artist, I know I could never apply my own makeup as well as I do for others. So, when I have an important event, you can darn well bet I hire a makeup artist.  Even for brides skilled at their own makeup, many will run into some challenging issues. Some common concerns when attempting to do your own wedding day makeup may be choosing the correct shades of foundation and concealer, manipulating the makeup brushes and tools, and knowing how to keep the makeup lasting from the cer