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Right outta Katy Keene's wardrobe closet

A few year's back, I did a film project which required a young, fresh look for the lead actress. Looking at this clothing rack, it seems like it is right out of the wardrobe department for the CW's Katy Keene TV series. Albeit, not as high end designers but I work withing the given budget. 

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How I spent my time at home...

It’s a perfect time to clean out the closet. Here are a few quick tips I am using. 

Step One: Does it fit? Nope, toss it or donate it. (if it has sentimental value and you have space, then set it aside for storage)

Step Two: Have I worn it in the past year? No, toss it or donate it. 

Step Three: Does it need mending? Yes, set it aside on "the to be repaired" pile. 

Note to self: This is going to be an all day project.


Social Distancing

Using my social distancing time to read, take an online class and expand my knowledge. What are you doing? #socialdistancing#makinguseofdowntime#planningforthefuture #studying#learnsomethingnew#funwithfashion

Keep the economy going!

Keep the economy going!  It's an add to cart kinda day... 

Spring Fling

I'm dreaming of spring with these gorgeous pastel hues... 

Chanel Lucky Charms Chain Belt
Marchesa Water Color Ruffled Tulle Gown
Pink Maribou & Pastel Talulah Sandals

How to have a Blockbuster Wedding

I am sure you realize your wedding isn't a dress rehearsal and there is no do-over, but take it from someone who has seen her fair share of weddings, there are just some things you want to be sure you've got down pat because you won't have a second chance to get it right.

Consider your wedding to be comparable to the workings of a feature film. You've got the Leading Lady role and your groom is up for Best Supporting Actor. Your Cast of Characters encompasses your bridal party and immediate family members and don't forget the Background Actors, your guests.

To create a blockbuster hit, you'll need a Full Crew; including but not limited to:
Director and Assistant Director (wedding planner, banquet manager, officiant)Technical Crew (photographer, videographer)Production Support (accommodations, food)Location Selection (venue, church)Soundtrack (music selection, DJ, band)Hair and Makeup TeamSpecial Effects (lighting, decor, details)Props (flowers, cake, centerpieces)…

How to avoid makeup flashback (or looking like a glowing ghost)

Makeup flashback is one of the most common issues with DIY makeup. 
WHAT IS MAKEUP FLASHBACK? Makeup flashback is the ghost white look that appears on your face in photos that were taken using a flash (camera or phone). Even though your makeup may look great in the mirror, the quick burst of bright light from a camera flash will reflect off your skin causing the areas to appear whiter. It would appear you used too light of a foundation or didn't blend in your powder, but this is not the case. Flashback Makeup Uh-ohs... (^NOT MY MAKEUP^)
WHAT CAUSES MAKEUP FLASHBACK? Typically, the issue lies in the ingredients in your makeup. Most makeup is created with some sort of SPF to provide sun protection. These ingredients, primarily silica, zinc oxide and titanium oxide, are used to reflect the UV rays in order to keep your skin safe from the sun. Because they are designed to deflect the rays away from your skin, they also reflect the artificial burst of the camera flash in the same manner, …