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New film trailer for feature film, Mind the Gap

Film Trailer Check out the trailer for the feature film, Mind the Gap Adi Odelsky, a 38-year-old off-Broadway actress, is on the verge of success when her playboy husband walks out on her. As a single mother with little income or support, her relationship with her young daughter becomes strained and her life begins to unravel. While working in London, Adi has a mind-bending experience which sparks off her journey into the gap. She begins to peel away the façade of personal dramas, finding answers and reclaiming her life as she moves into a new reality. The audience follows her down the rabbit hole, encountering hilarious characters along the way. The tale is a mix of psychology, quantum physics, and spirituality. MTG is a fun enlightening story of personal transformation with thought-provoking exploration into the nature of perception versus reality. Bridging the gap between the mainstream and quantum worlds, MTG is universal in its message, and transformational in its ability to h

SFX Scars

Creating Special Effect Scars