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Spot On - a film by David Karner, ScareScapes, LLC

On location...

"Spot On" - a film by David Karner, ScareScapes LLC
Last Saturday, I had the amazing opportunity to work on the set of "Spot On" as wardrobe supervisor and makeup artist. "Spot On" is a film by David Karner of ScareScapes LLC starring Madison Cee, Joshua Doss, Eric Jordan and Zack Roundy. The movie was filmed at La Piazza Cafe in Palm Coast, Florida at European Village.

With any film project, budget must always be taken into consideration. The script called for some specific apparel items and a bit of ingenuity to find the appropriate pieces. The lead actress required two identical red dresses and the two actors needed similar style clothing. I used some creative sourcing and I think we pulled it off!

Producer / Director: David Karner, ScareScapes, LLC
Starring: Madison Cee, Joshua Doss, Eric Jordan and Zack Roundy
Makeup Artistry: Stephanie Mazzeo
Hair Styling: Ciara Coldiron
Script Supervisor: Russell Sanders
Director of Photography: Gary…