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Focus Friday: Redheads

This blog post is dedicated to redheads, whether natural or by choice. Makeup and red hair is so much fun. Model: Ayme Jo Many natural redheads have fair skin and freckles which I just love. My personal choice is to go with a sheer makeup coverage, perhaps a tinted moisturizer to allow the freckles to show through, but some redheads may want to have a more pigmented foundation to blend and hide the freckles. Avoid going to dark with the foundation because it may begin to appear unnatural. On the set of Nick & Nicky the Movie Using a cheek stain will help bring up the natural blush color and look fresh. I don't suggest bronzers for fair skin as they tend to not match the skin tones of redheads. Music Video: Obrigado (Carlosh Garzat) Neutral eye shadows are the best bet for fair skin and red hair. In fact, neutrals look great on just about every skin color. If your lashes are light, opt for brown mascara as opposed to black to avoid a harsh loo

Bridal Day Beauty Makeup Services

Whether you are the bride interested in a clean, Natural Beauty look or the bride who wants over the top drama, I will provide you with a makeup style that is definitely YOU!  We work together to create your customized beauty looks for you and your bridal party. I will travel to your location completely prepared with everything required so you won't need to worry. You remain calm, confident and above all else BEAUTIFUL! Known for my clean beauty looks and ability to work with each bride's particular style and need, I am confident you will have the wedding day makeup you've always pictured. My prompt response times and flexibility for all budgets will please even the most apprehensive bride. I provide a combination of airbrush and traditional makeup. False lashes are included at no additional cost.  Contact me today to schedule your wedding day makeup service!  call/text: 386.627.8566 or 323.977.8566   stephanie@step

Own Undetectable on DVD Today.

"An Original, BOLD T hriller. AN UNFORGETTABLE FILM" Own  Undetectable   on DVD Today.  Get your copy now at Amazon  Undetectable Or watch it online at   *Makeup and SFX Makeup by Stephanie Mazzeo A supernatural thriller about a young, gay man living with HIV+ and the impact the disease has had on his life; one year after his original diagnosis.   Written and directed by Armand Petri, "Undetectable" follows the surrealistic journey of Adam: a young, gay man living with HIV+; and the impact the disease has had on his life one year after his original diagnosis. "Undetectable" portrays HIV+ patients under medical treatment like Adam leading normal, functional lives; showing the audience that treated HIV should not be considered a death sentence.   Packing an emotional punch and a strong, supernatural "Twilight Zone" vibe, "Undetectable" is a poignant short film with a surprising twist. 

Disaster Response Simulation

Over 1200 individuals participated in a disaster training exercise in Osceola, Seminole, Orange and Lake counties and I had the extreme honor of being one of the SFX makeup artists on staff to create the wounds and injuries.  Using a variety of prosthetics, fake blood and makeup, we were able to simulate multiple casualties for the "victims". 80+ emergency agencies participated in this training exercise which was funded by a grant from the State Homeland Security Program.  The drill was designed to train and improve the skills of our emergency personnel. Job well done to everyone involved in this project!!