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Tattoo Cover Up for Bride Lisa In California

Before and After Tattoo Cover Up for a California Bride Rancho Palo Verdes, CA
Back Tattoo Cover Up

Arm Tattoo Cover Up

Scenes from the film DREAMER

Dreamer: When a teenager is rejected by her crush, she undergoes a series of dreams forcing her to confront fears of being unloved.
Director: Andrew Gerson
Rebecca Noble - Sophia

Trent Kerpsack - Russell

Faith Kearns - Naomi

David Charles - Martin

Sarah Murray - Alexis

Corey Olenick - Jock 1

Eric Lee - Jock 2

Eric Lee - Jock 2

Brett Sebade - Jock 3

Claudia Keener - Cheerleader 1

Nicole Lozeau - Cheerleader 2

Shelly Guevara - Cheerleader 3