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Tattoo Cover Up Los Angeles, CA

Covering your tattoo for your wedding day can be extremely trying and a big disappointment.  It is very difficult to find counter makeup that will cover the tattoo AND stay put throughout the ceremony and rehearsal without melting and transferring off on to clothing, furniture and people.  By hiring a professional makeup artist to cover your tattoo, you will be confident knowing your tattoo will be unnoticeable and the tattoo cover will remain in place without rubbing or smearing off.  It's easy to cover the tattoo, but the key is keeping the tattoo cover makeup in place.  Only professional grade tattoo cover products applied by a professional, knowledgeable makeup artist will provide satisfactory results. *When requesting a price quote, please be sure to submit photos of your tattoo(s)

Beach Bride Stefanie

HHN25 Halloween Horror Nights 2015