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How to create a pouty lip

💋Who doesn't want pucker-ready, kissable lips??  What's a girl to do if her lips aren't plump and pouty?👄

She'll do what every makeup artist does...reach into the makeup bag of secret tricks.👝

•To give the illusion of plump, pouty lips, select a lip pencil in a slightly deeper shade than your lip color and fill in just the outer corners of both the top and bottom lips.

•Then apply your lip color over the entire lip, top and bottom.

•Next, take a gold or silver powder eyeshadow and using a small concealer brush, apply just a bit of the shadow in the center of your lips.

•Blend it in slightly with the lip color to smooth the edges.

•Add a layer of clear or shimmery lip gloss and presto!!  You'll have fabulous, luscious lips ready for kissing!

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