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How to have a Blockbuster Wedding

I am sure you realize your wedding isn't a dress rehearsal and there is no do-over, but take it from someone who has seen her fair share of weddings, there are just some things you want to be sure you've got down pat because you won't have a second chance to get it right.

Consider your wedding to be comparable to the workings of a feature film. You've got the Leading Lady role and your groom is up for Best Supporting Actor. Your Cast of Characters encompasses your bridal party and immediate family members and don't forget the Background Actors, your guests.

To create a blockbuster hit, you'll need a Full Crew; including but not limited to:

  • Director and Assistant Director (wedding planner, banquet manager, officiant)
  • Technical Crew (photographer, videographer)
  • Production Support (accommodations, food)
  • Location Selection (venue, church)
  • Soundtrack (music selection, DJ, band)
  • Hair and Makeup Team
  • Special Effects (lighting, decor, details)
  • Props (flowers, cake, centerpieces)
  • Costuming (dresses, shoes, tuxedos)
and so much more!

As you begin this work of art, here are a few ideas to keep in mind to make sure your wedding doesn't end up on the B-List.

Behind the scenes: Before you say “I do” to the “Is this your final answer” on a wedding gown choice, hit up a bunch of different stores, trying on many styles of dresses in all colors and options. From the big galleria types shops all the way to the small vintage boutique. Just like your groom, you want to be sure it's the one

Screenplay: At the first mention of the word, you'll find out soon enough that everyone has an opinion on to the who, what, where, why and how of wedding planning. You'll get advice (I use the term loosely) from people at work, the gym, the salon, you name it, and you'll get it. There are only a few people who should get to have any say in your wedding plans, you and your significant other. And of course if someone is assisting with the finances, then perhaps they should also be considered as having a voice in the matter.

Scene selection: There's nothing more nerve-wracking then trying on dress after dress at the bridal gown store and getting thumbs up and thumbs down from ten different people. It's okay to limit it to just one special person that gets priority billing and can tag along. Leave the entourage at home and promise them a bridal party luncheon or other special event instead. Maybe plan a dress unveiling party!

Wardrobe: Consider changing into a second dress at the reception. This beautiful and likely most expensive dress you'll ever own is going to become quite heavy and probably downright soaked with sweat if you keep it on during the evening festivities. I suggest finding an alternate party dress so you will be comfortable and can easily shake a tail feather with the rest of the guests. 

Hot set: Pick up one of those cute bridal hangers. You know the kind I mean, either the ones with your name bent into shape or the satin, padded kind. I’m sure your photographer is going to be snap-happy on the “detail shots” so trash the cardboard dress form from the gown store and go for an adorable hanger. 

Out-take: Think about the outfit you will be wearing during your "getting ready" moments. If your photographer is going to be on site, snapping photos, you'll want to be sure that the images are photo album worthy. Nothing looks worse than seeing an image of you getting your makeup done in an old, faded t-shirt and sweatpants. An adorable, crystal-embellished bride tank top or satin robe will be much more eye-pleasing. Consider your bridal party members. Maybe opt for matching robes or tops so the photos look uniform and appealing.

Action!: Be sure to hire a videographer. You'll want to remember all the amazing moments, most of which you may miss because, well, you're the bride and it's happening all around you as you're busy meeting and greeting your guests. The videographer can capture your walk down the aisle and your groom’s first look, your mom’s tearful but smiling face, dad's grimace and your little brother high-fiving a sibling. It will be a lasting movie to watch year after year on your anniversary and reminisce over special memories. And maybe if you watch closely, you'll catch Uncle Dan doing a handstand on the dance floor!

Off Screen: Try to find a few moments alone with your groom. Take time to share this very special day with just the two of you. Your wedding day is going to be a crazy blur of events with family and friends pulling you in all directions to offer congratulations and well-wishes. This is your day, your wedding day. Savor it!

Say cheese: Remember to smile at all times. You just never know when the camera will be aimed at you, which incidentally may be the majority of the time. Think paparazzi and just like Paris Hilton, recognize it’s your day to be the celebrity. Practice your smile and head pose in front of a mirror prior to your wedding day. You want to have that VIP look perfected before the cameras start rolling.

Red carpet: Do everything you can to hire the most professional, quality vendors you can afford. Don't take out a loan, promise your first born or anything remotely illegal, but definitely design a realistic budget and focus on the important needs versus the wants. Create a spreadsheet listing what you want, what you need, what you can't possibly live without. Start filling in costs and totaling it until you have reached your max. Take notes as you interview vendors and narrow down accordingly.

That's a wrap!: You get what you pay for and since this isn't a test run, be confident you have the pros on staff to create lasting memories. When you look back, you don't want to be the bride who said I could have, I should have, if only I would have...


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