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When to book your wedding day makeup artist. ..

It's that time again....I receive so many calls and emails from brides looking to book their makeup artist within 1-3 months of their wedding date (sometimes less!) 

I can't stress enough how important it is to book your makeup artist well in advance.  I'm talking at least 6 months or more.  I've had to turn away many disappointed brides who waited until only a few weeks or even a month before their big day.  I do not have a "team" of artists, so I can only book a minimum number of clients in any given month.  

One thing to keep in mind is that since I am not a "team"  of artists, you can rest assured knowing that the makeup work you see on my website is by me and only me.  I can imagine it might be confusing to look at a website wondering what artist did the makeup.  But on my site, it's me, just me. 

Saturdays and Sundays are usually always booked well in advance, but I've recently noticed a trend toward Friday weddings.  So, no matter what day your special event falls on, I would be sure to plan well ahead to be able to book the artist you want. 

I also seem to receive a lot of calls from brides in a panic at the last minute because their makeup artist isn't returning their phone calls, or they can't reach her or the makeup artist cancelled.  Sometimes I am able to squeeze in a booking for the stressed bride, but many times I am completely booked solid.

Know your makeup artist; check the response time on emails, texts and calls. Is she readily available?  Get a feel for her makeup knowledge.  Does she answer all of your questions thoroughly?  How long has she been a working makeup artist?  There are so many ways to weed out the hobby makeup artists from the professionals.  Don't be afraid to "interview" your artist just as you would your wedding photographer.  

Always, always, always sign a contract or agreement with your makeup artist.  This protects not only the artist, but you as well.  Without a signed agreement, you have no guarantee that you are "officially" booked with her for your wedding date.  Please realize that when the artist asks for a retainer fee or booking fee, she is confirming you will definitely be using her services so she can block off that date/time just for you.  Everyone's time is precious and the makeup artist will most likely turn away other brides/clients once you've both signed and committed to the date of service.  

You need to look fabulous for this magical event.  Be sure to surround yourself with quality vendors.  A great photographer is going to take fabulous photos, but if you're not looking your best, it will probably be disappointing.  Think of how many photos he/she will take and then imagine out of those photos how many times you will be seen.  I'm guessing the majority of those pictures will have your beautiful, smiling face so please don't skimp on your look.  Have your hair and makeup professionally done. 

It won't matter if you spent $10,000 on a gown and $8,500 on a photographer if you aren't looking your absolute best.


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